Step 1—Your Spine/ Disc/ Joint Nerve Health History

Dr. Yoo DC will ask you a series of questions in order to understand the root cause of your spine,disc or joint pain, the severity, how long you’ve been suffering, what treatments you’ve tried, etc.Please be candid about your history as these details help the doctor evaluate your current situation and your best treatment plan. While not imperative to determine the assessment, feel free to bring in any blood tests, CDs containing MRI orCT scans, reports or medical records so Dr. Yoo may review your treatment history.

Step 2— Spine & Joint Examination

A Chiropractic Doctor will gently palpate your spine and joints to detect any muscle tension & adhesions. They will also gently test the Range Of motion and mobility of your spine & joints in your extremities. These procedures will help your Chiropractic Doctor assess if your problem is musculoskeletal, nerve, or inflammation based. This will give the doctor the information he needs to see if your condition is treatable, or if you need to be referred out to another specialist.

Step 3—Neuro 7 Tool Test

The Neuro 7 tool is a new state-of-the-art instrument for the 21st Century Chiropractic Doctor. It performs 7 of the most commonly conducted neurosensory exams to get an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis of your symptoms. Just like the spine and joint exam, rest assured the Neuro 7 test is also relatively painless and100% safe.

Step 4—Recommendation

Once Dr. Yoo DC gains a clear picture of the symptoms you are currently experiencing, he’ll have the information he needs to determine if you’re a candidate for the non-invasive chiropractic, spinal decompression, and laser therapies. If you qualify as a candidate, he’ll then recommend the appropriate treatment plan to get you on the pathway to a pain-free lifestyle. At the conclusion of your Pain Free Spine, Disc and, Joint and  Nerve Evaluation, Dr.Yoo DC will escort you to the concierge desk to fill out some acceptance of care & financial paperwork. Your first treatment may occur on the first visit so we also recommended that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting attire. Your doctor of chiropractic & therapists will need to examine the areas in which you are experiencing pain or discomfort.You may wear comfortable clothing during your chiropractic adjustment, however the laser will not penetrate clothing. The laser lite shines out of the instrument with a beveled tip that either hovers above the skin or gently glides across the treatment surface area. For that reason, it is best if garments are loose so they can be rolled up.  Some patients need to schedule their first treatment on a follow up visit. Furthermore, If you do not qualify as a candidate for this treatment, your Doctor of Chiropractic will be happy to refer you to the appropriate pain management, or other specialist.

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